Our Mission

To develop a true finished cow horse.  We believe a cow horse has to be a ranch horse first. This is attained by putting reining fundamentals on all our colts, then introducing them to all the aspects of a true ranch horse.  Handling a rope, dragging logs, numerous trail rides and last but not least the cow work.  With introduction to the cow work we allow the horse to use its innate instinct to read a cow.  We simply give them the tools to do the job well with body position and constant patience.  Every horse has an individual mindset and physical ability. We work to bring out the areas they will naturally excel in and be upfront and honest with the areas that don’t fit.

 When it comes to working with you and your  horse we focus on teaching you how to read, feel and bond with them.  We can ride and show them all day but true horsemanship and success comes from YOU knowing YOUR horse.  We can also put you on our horses to get a broader range of knowledge to apply with your own mount.  We will help guide you to your goal and be honest when the partnership between the two of you is not working.  We’ll also assist you in finding a true partner you can have enough confidence to go down the trail on or compete in the show pen with.  Nothing is more rewarding then a true relationship between horse and rider.  (See our “References” page)



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